RD 034 Hop On In 

​18M 5"x7"

RD 039 Come Sip a Spell

​13M 10"x10"

RD 077 Don't just sit there...Needlepoint! PINK

​18M 8"x 12" 

RD 046 Giant Gingerbread Boy

Red & Green 13M 12"x9"

RD 046 Giant Gingerbread Girl

​Red & Green 13M 12"x9"

RD 128 My husband wears the pants...

18M 8" x 12"

Rachel Donley

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Rachel Donley

RD 048 Giant Gingerbread Girl 

Pink & Lime 13M 12"x9"

​RD 073 Watermelon Jackolantern

13M 10"x7"

RD 038 Sip Back and Relax

​13M 10"x10"

RD 065 Trot On In 

​18M 8"x8"

RD 035 Counting Sheep

​18M 5"x7"

RD  I believe if you wear...

18M 8" x 12"

RD 072 Pineapple Jackolantern 13 M 12"x6"

RD 047 Giant Gingerbread Boy

​Pink & Lime 13M 12"x9".

RD 078 Don't just sit there...Needlepoint! BLUE

​18M 8"x 12" (Exclusive to The Needlepoint \

​RD 123 Trick or Treat / Out of Treats

13M 9" rounds

RD 036 Girl Definition

​18M 6"x8"

​​​needlepoint designs

RD 037 Boy Definition

​18M 6"x8"